Not a Sin

To be calm

on a balm-

y day

as to say

that madness makes no sense,

an illness for minds that are dense.


Let me in!

The world is not an inn

for travellers to shuffly by.

It’s more if you look high,

above the roof of your identity

lies a dream, to most a rarity.

Stars, birds and love

what more you want to have?


It’s not a sin

to let your mind lean

on what others call nonsense,

all things beyond their fence.

I want to walk

barefooted on a rock,

chit-chat with the wind

that’s kind and doesn’t heed

the clothes I wear or how I speak.

So that’s whom I seek.


The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

 This is the first volume of The Lord Of The Rings, an epic journey of Frodo Baggins along with his friends(ranging from Hobbits to Dwarves and Elves). Despite his inexperience with the kind of advebtures his uncle Bilbo had(The Hobbit) Frodo agrees to carry on the task and destroy the Ring by getting to Mordor, the land of Lord Sauron.

 The book had an immense worldbuilding. It featured maps, songs and much more on the history of the world of the Middle-Earth than The Hobbit did. I loved that we saw more about the elves with a lot of development on Legolas later on plus their rivalry with Dwarves and other info that made that world more exciting. Moreover, there was a lot of tension and twists that kept readers hooked. Even if the mission of Frodo’s journey is learned early on, Tolkien offers new details about the danger and the past so the story never becomes dry.

 Unfortunately, the book lacked in character development. I think Frodo’s personality as well as some others(Gandalf + Sam) were clearly shown yet that didn’t happen for Merry and Pippin who in my opinion couldn’t be told apart, for neither had something distinct. Then the descriptions slowed down the story due to their painstaking detail. That was the biggest issue with me, for they had lots of adjectives and failed to be vivid and I felt bored, yearning for the action to commence. Lastly, I wanted more on the relationship between Frodo and his ring. More information could be told about how the ring affected him over the time and whether he had urges to wear it like its previous owners.

 Not as different from The Hobbit as I had expected. Overall, it might be the weakest of the series because not many things happened and the villain hasn’t presented himself. Looking forward for more of Middle-earth despite the fatigue gained by the descriptions.


*I know that I haven’t posted in ages and there are lots of book reviews to write. I had only finished one poem that I haven’t posted and no flash fiction but I’m working on my novel(A bit burnt out for poems really). Don’t worry. I’ll try to post once a week from now one(many things will change about the content).

Have a wonderful day!

Days Of Yore

Do you recall                                                                                                                                           all those days of yore?

Times with no worry.                                                                                                                             Times where our company was                                                                                                           the only haven we yearned for.

I still think about them.                                                                                                                         Ponder on how merry we were,                                                                                                         when we lived together.

Everything was so soothing.                                                                                                                 I remember the song of birds                                                                                                               being sweeter when I had you.

Why were we so daft?                                                                                                                           Why did we tear our world apart,                                                                                                        and betray each other for possessions?

Can you forgive me now?                                                                                                                     I’m just a human being,                                                                                                                         doomed to err incessantly.


~A poem I had written a year ago(Seems ages…) (Not sure I like it now but it was vivid at the time)

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

 Wuthering Heights is a tale of love and hate, revenge and death. It’s about Heathcliff, who for lots of years had to live oppressed by his master’s son Hindley while in love with his daughter Catherine but believing his feelings to not be reciprocated he leaves only to return years later to get even for his former misery. Wuthering Heights was the only book of Emily Brontë, often a favorite of all Brontë’s works and a classic of English Literature.

 I adored the psychological depth of the characters, from Heathcliff’s madness to Catherine’s life as described by Nelly. Symptoms like hallucinations, paranoid thinking and unwillingness to eat that could fit for schizophrenia or anorexia nervosa lurk behind the stubbornness of the characters, helping to make them humane, even to spare them from their cruelty. Moreover, the mention of a ghost early in heightened the mystery, brimful till the end.

 Unfortunately, the writing didn’t struck me as poetic, the descriptions were awash in detail, yet not vivid. The core problen had to do with Nelly, the maid who narrated the story. Other than being prejudiced(as every human may be when called to tell someone else’s story), thus the spell fiction can create shattered. We got to see her impressions on the story rather than form our own. This in turn led to flat characters. They appeared through Nelly’s eyes and other than Catherine none managed to stand ouy in his own right, earn the sympathy of the reader.

 My immense expectations were dissolved. It’s different from the Victorian books I’ve read and I wouldn’t recommend it unless one searched about it beforehand. Happy Summer Reading + Writing!


Past the Gate

 Arriving, I locked the gate. Only the past got past my doors, a block to my world, its tail carefully so that it wiggles and covers its face.

 I didn’t dare, frozen as I was, to question where all that wrath had come from. Insane, swimming in paranoia, their words for my world.

 Counting. Might sleep take them away? No. Memories giggle like children that splash on ponds. Sometimes, they are not facts. Mere images. Voices, scorn. Meant to sear deeper inside, mixes with dreams in houses of corpses, a body that’s not mine, yet with that I’m left to wander till I awake. On realms I can’t recall, or wish I don’t to trick what I know.

 The walls tower the bed, beige like burnt café. Silence, though behind lurks the dread of a crime.

My Crush


That’s all you can do.
When the sky glooms,

the moon breaks and swoons

you don’t move,

awash in wonder

or fear over what’s fonder

in my heart;

your eyes or this sun.

Cicadas’ talk resembles hymns

of joy and peace

when compared to you.

I hardly know how to smile

yet I’m there,

feeling no contempt,

awaiting a change

but all I got is a wide range

of what you might say.

Astounded, I wait.
The clouds part,

perfect shapes melting 

like a tired heart.

I don’t give up

nor talk

nor act.

You won’t either.
You shiver,

a pang thorbs in my liver.

I stare into my crush,


at my own pace.

Alas, I’m afraid

but I’ll not crash this world

for your sake.

Replica by Lauren Oliver

Lyra is a replica, a clone manufactured along with hundreds others in Haven where they are secluded, treated with despise and sometimes fear. That’s until an explosion breaks out and she gets free. For Gemma her life has always been the same. Guarded as though she’s fragile, a pariah in school along with her best friend and that’s until she overhears her parents talking about Haven. After being almost kidnapped, the girl decides to let go of her shell and find what her parents hide from her. Replica is a story of two girls and their journey towards the truth of Haven and their lives. 

I loved how this book was formed. It’s divided into two books; one is from Lyra’s point of view and the from Gemma’s but it’s the same story, yet the chance of seeing thibgs from their point of view helps to understand the characters. I also liked the fact that albeit being sci-fi, it didn’t include a lot of jargon or boring details that genre tends to have. Instead, it fused any information vital to the plot within the story.

Overall, Gemma’s story struck to me most. I did begin with Lyra’s because it appeared more interesting but by the end in my opinion Gemma had the biggest emotional growth. Lastly, the book overflowed with tension and plot twists. Whethre you finish the first part by itself and turn to the other girl’s book, there is still plenty to learn.

The biggest problem was the filtering. In every page and description as though done on purpose to alienate the readers. I can’t know if Lauren Oliver knows that but it’s a pity, for it killed much of the enjoyment. Moreover, I liked her writing, so that’s even worse. Didn’t an editor see the book?

The emotions weren’t vivid most of the time. The reader could see but not feel and that made the novel mundane at times of no tension. Another thing has to do with Lyra. This not a severe spoiler since it’s revealed within the first 15-20 pages of her story and it has to do with her sexuality. By her memories of one female doctor, the warmth she felt in her presence, I thought she was a lesbian only to be confused later on with regard to both her sexuality and how she viewed that doctor. That frustrated me a lot and didn’t allow her to be a cohesive character in my eyes.

A unique book that’s easy to read but not as enjoyable as it could be. I couldn’t understand Lyra and the profusion of filtering dried the story.