I Exist, a verb we take for granted. In a world marked by desire, we wander around like savages, ever hungry for more. There is no bottom to it. We create its limitations only to break them again in the name of ambition. And then we lose control and all the anger rises up and... Continue Reading →

Where are they now? I've forgotten all about them when once I didn't know how to live without them. They are scissors, able to cut deeper than any of the ones you know. I've still got some of them, mind you. Something so intense cannot cease in just a blink and yet I am trying... Continue Reading →

I've always yearned to find the reason, the root of everything that happens in my life. Not out of arrogance, or because I need to shift the blame to someone other than me. It's actually because I am often feeling lost. Uncertain. Trapped in my life. Afraid that I am wasting my life away. Sometimes,... Continue Reading →

They danced around the beach, all alone, free for they wanted to reach the deepest connection, their tree. ... Their love was a stone that had turned into gold and for them everything shone and they were never cold. ... They didn't know when they would have to go away They were only two men... Continue Reading →

Why are we faithless, too stuck in this well, too eager to fall and not look up again? ... At times we find ourselves blessed by the love of others, and we are so happy. But a single moment of despair is enough to erase any trace of that light. ... Why are we faithless?... Continue Reading →

You are born and you grow up, wanting to change the world. Everything has to change, or so your ego says. Maybe you should try to change yourself after all. At times, you feel caught up in this world and what you can get from it. Why does it always have to be this way?... Continue Reading →

Coraline is a dark fantasy novella about a girl named Coraline who finds a door at her house that leads to another house that looks just like her own. Even her parents are there, but they have black buttons instead of eyes. They also behave differently than her normal parents, and they tell her that... Continue Reading →

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