Running to go to work, hurry to wed, give birth, find the job, earn and earn and never rest. Running all day long. You are never where you want to be, thinking about where you must get, what you must have. Running because they told you that's how happiness is gained. ~Petoi Lin

Hello everyone! I finished the 4th draft of my main WIP at the end of January, a NA low-fantasy novel that's set to be the first of a trilogy. Even though that was the first writing project I ever started working on back in 2016, I have to say that the 4th draft wasn't that... Continue Reading →

I finished the list sometime in January and I'm sorry but I forgot to post it.... Anyway, here are my 2020 writing goals: (DONE)1)Finish the 4th draft of The Amulet (my main WIP. Completed at the end of January after a particular flow in that month) 2)Finish the 1st draft of another book 3)Send The... Continue Reading →

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Spend time with your loved one and enjoy being together just the way you are. Here's a quote from Paulo Coelho suited to this day. ~Petoi Lin

Anne of Avonlea is the follow-up of Anne of Green Gables. Anne Shirley is 16 now and an English teacher but still filled with a sense of her blithe and dreamy personality of the first book. Apart from her schoolwork, Anne creates the Avonlea Improvement Society, and she also helps Marilla raise up a pair... Continue Reading →

I don't miss those nights, the ones spent fretting unable to breathe with tears that I didn't clean. They're lost nights now. ... A frenzy would engulf me. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. The lock of the past unleashed and the pain pouring like rain, only worse. ... I don't miss those nights, and they're over. Thankfully... Continue Reading →

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